When planning a reorganization of your Tub or departments, it is important to reach out to Client Services to discuss the implications of your re-org. Are you modifying your Chart of Accounts such as adding or moving chart parent or child values? Is there impact to your PeopleSoft departments or absence groups? Is there a deadline for your re-org? What are the target dates for implementation? Is there impact to other resources or downstream systems? Outreach should include representation from FSS Client Services, the initiating Tub/department and the Tub/department's Authorized Requestor(s).   

Here are some key questions to think about when considering a re-org:

  • Is this re-org for Financials or HR, or both?
  • Will a new high-level tub/department be created?
  • Will this re-org require an HR affiliation change? (major or sub)
  • Who will be the Authorized Requestor(s) and their back up?
  • Is the change part of a Presidential Initiative?