my.harvard is Harvard's Student Information System Program (SIS). It supports seamless enrollment and teaching across schools, and enhances academic planning and administration through a best-in-class online user experience. 

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my.harvard Documentation

Security Administrators

                           Central / Local Security Administrators

School/ Area Administrator



Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Michael Patrick Burke

Ilke Aydin

Lesley Ellen Hunter

Evelyn M. Jimenez

Bryan Daniel Jones

Central Security Administrators

Greysi Burroughs

Kyle Angstadt

Student Financials

Paul McWhorter

Andrea Davis

Harvard Graduate School of Design Sean Conlon



Harvard Kennedy School

Michael Humphrys

Kevin P. McDonald

Christopher Hayes

Tina Renee Seale



Harvard Chan School of Public Health

Caryn M. D'Agostino

Anne Marie Stathis

Kevin Paul Wnek

Alex Garcia-Rangel

Bradley D. White


Harvard Divinity School

Susan G. Worst

Annie Russell

Aaron H. Clark-Melcher


Harvard Graduate School of Education

Chelvi Anandakugan

Gregory P. Fuccillo

Kenneth D. Ho





my.harvard Distributed Security Documentation

my.harvard Distributed Security Documentation

This file explains in detail my.harvard's security model including how to add roles and data security.