Harvard uses the PeopleSoft system as an HR management system. Payroll, job classifications, absence management, benefits, and many other employee-based systems are controlled through the PeopleSoft interface. Client Services is responsible for managing the security within PeopleSoft, including User Security, Department Maintenance, Time and Labor Groups, Absence Groups, and Location Code.

PeopleSoft Documentation

PeopleSoft Authorized Requestors

A comprehensive list of Authorized Requestors by application can be found here.

To add, modify, or remove PeopleSoft Authorized Requestors for your tub please submit the following form to

Authorized Requestor Form

User Access


Time and Labor and Absence Management

Location Code Requests

A form is required to add, modify, correct, or disable a location code.

Please navigate HERE to fill out and complete the Location Code Request form.

If you have any questions about location codes please contact