The Harvard University Budget System (HUBS) is a financial planning application that supports the University's fiscal budget cycle. HUBS was developed within the Oracle Hyperion Planning product according to the requirements of Harvard's financial planners. The applications included in the system allow the University to support operational and multi-year planning, allocation of funds, financial reporting, as well as the collection of tuition, enrollment and financial aid data for the schools.

HUBS Forms

HUBS Authorized Requestors

Financials Authorized Requestors are also HUBS Authorized Requestors.

A comprehensive list of Authorized Requestors by application can be found here.

TEFA Authorized Requestors are Paul Meyers and Christopher Cullen.

The following schools have HUBS only ARs:

Name Tub Tub #
June Zammett SEAS 325
Liz Walat GSD 235
John Dobrowski SPH 275
Robert Carroll RAD 285


HUBS User Access

A user security form is required to add, modify, or delete a user's HUBS access.

Navigate HERE to fill out and submit a HUBS User Security Request form.

TEFA User Access

A TEFA security form is required to add, modify, or delete a user's TEFA access.

Requests must be submitted or approved by OFSP

Navigate HERE to fill out a TEFA request form.